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NEW YORK, May 8, 2012 - Donnay USA, manufacturer of unique multi solid-core racquets, today became the first-ever racquet sponsor of the adidas Tennis Camps. The camps teach more than 2,000 kids from 8-18 in 30 markets across the U.S. each summer how to play well and have fun in the "sport of a lifetime."

The new partnership joins two of the most storied sports companies in the world. Donnay and adidas have been involved in tennis for 102 and 40 years respectively.

"Our sponsorship of the adidas camps is a perfect fit for Donnay," said John Embree, Donnay Sales Manager. "We’re all about the future of tennis with our multi-solid core technology and the camps represent the future of our great game."

Donnay racquets, unlike conventional hollow frames, are filled throughout with patent-pending "XēneCore™" tubing that performs as a super dampener to eliminate shock and vibration and prevent harmful frame vibrations from running down the handle and into the arm. The solid-core technology also minimizes energy loss on ball contact for more power, control and stability.

"We are thrilled to partner with Donnay," said Charley Biggs, adidas Tennis Camps President. "Donnay’s racquet technology has clearly outpaced the competition with its solid-core technology. It’s a welcome change for anyone playing with a hollow racquet, including myself. As a competitive senior player, I’ve noticed how much less wear there is on my elbow and shoulder."

For more on Donnay racquets, visit Interested prospective campers can learn more about the adidas Tennis Camps and view the 2012 tennis camps schedule at

About Donnay USA Ltd.
Donnay USA Ltd. ( together with Donnay International S.A. designs, manufactures, and distributes premium tennis equipment, apparel, and accessories under the Donnay brand. The technologically advanced and innovative new X-P Dual, X-Dual and Formula and Pro One racquets developed using XēneCore™ Technology represent the return of Donnay to the global market. Headquartered in New York City, the company’s products can be found in tennis specialty shops as well as online.

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