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Donnay's Pro One: A Thoroughly Modern Version of a Coveted 'Blast From The Past'

NEW YORK, Decemeber 19, 2011 - The Donnay Pro One, the legendary racquet that helped propel Andre Agassi and Conchita Martinez to Wimbledon titles in the 1990s, has returned to tennis in a reincarnated version that combines the original model’s flexibility and solid feel with the brand’s unique solid-core technology for the modern game.

The new Pro One is designed for a wide range of playing levels and styles, from aggressive 3.5-NTRP-rated recreational players to touring professionals such as James Blake who is using it on the ATP Tour.

The new Pro One was carefully and meticulously developed over a period of nearly two years. “The original Pro One OS and its 95-square-inch sibling, the Donnay Pro One International, were very special racquets,” said Jerry Choe, Donnay president and chief technology officer. “Players have been clamoring for a new and updated version ever since we re-launched the Donnay brand in 2009.

“But rather than merely put the ‘Pro One’ name on a new frame just for marketing purposes, we set out to recapture the original’s superb feel and touch by incorporating our patent-pending XēneCore™ technology to make it more suitable for today’s players.”

The first design goal was to come as close as possible to matching the original Pro One’s coveted flexibility and head-light balance without compromising the overall integrity of the new frame. Next, designers reduced the stationary weight and swing weight, but increased power and vastly improved shock-resistant comfort and stability. The third challenge was to downsize the original Pro One’s 107-square-inch head size to a mid-plus version that today’s accomplished players prefer for quickness and stability on serves, from the baseline and at net.

The original Pro One was a heavyweight at 12.1 ounces and it was hollow-bodied like most conventional racquets then and now. Donnay designers lightened its weight to enable faster swing speeds which gives the modern player less effort and more power without compromising control, whether he or she has a medium or long swing.

This was accomplished by injecting Donnay’s solid-core XēneCore™ material throughout the frame which contains the energy on ball contact on the strings and in the head of the frame instead of having it escape and run down the hitting arm which results in a loss of power and can cause pain.

The latter is especially important for players with a history of arm and shoulder problems like Blake. “I felt comfortable almost immediately with the Pro One and I am competing pain-free since switching to it,” said Blake who has been playing with a prototype version since last spring.

“I'd been looking for a new racquet probably about two years,” said Blake. “I was trying pretty much everything out there and couldn't find a racquet. The Donnay combines the power and control I need to give me maximum confidence on the court. I felt comfortable almost immediately with it.”

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About Donnay USA Ltd.
Donnay USA Ltd. ( together with Donnay International S.A. designs, manufactures, and distributes premium tennis equipment, apparel, and accessories under the Donnay brand. The technologically advanced and innovative new X-Series, X-P Dual and X-Dual racquets developed using XēneCore™ Technology represent the return of Donnay to the U.S. market. Headquartered in New York City, the company’s products can be found online at its website as well as in tennis specialty shops.

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