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NEW YORK, February 2, 2012 - A switch to a Donnay is the gear part of the story behind Bethanie Mattek-Sands’ dramatic comeback at the Australian Open, just six months after verging on retirement from a bad shoulder injury caused by playing with hollow racquets.
Bethanie Mattek-Sands says it was a combination of the “right rehab and the perfect racquet, my new Donnay Formula,” that helped propel the recently shoulder-beleaguered American to her first career Grand Slam title recently, the mixed doubles championship at the 2012 Australian Open with partner Horia Tecau of Romania.

Her Australian Open triumph came just six months after an MRI revealed a severe 15-millimeter tear in her rotator cuff that forced her to withdraw from all but one event in the second half of the 2011 season. Ironically, the injury occurred when she was having her best season in her 11-year WTA Tour career. She barely even practiced in September and October of last year.

"The keys to my comeback performance in Australia were aggressive rehab and hard work, including doing my research last fall for a racquet that would help my ailing shoulder."

Beginning last November, Mattek-Sands tried out some 50 racquets offered to her by four different manufacturers in hopes of easing the pain in her shoulder that at one point "was so bad I couldn’t wash my face with my right hand."

"I had heard the Donnay racquets were easier on the shoulder and quickly became a believer the first time I hit with the Formula," she said. "With the other frames, I’d hit a couple of strokes and I…I just couldn’t do it…it was like the shock went straight up the shaft and into my shoulder."

"So I kept going back to the Donnay, and slowly and gradually, I increased my speed and power. At the end of last year I was able to hit 115-mile-an-hour serves and felt nothing in my shoulder, so along with a lot of rehab, that was a big win. The Aussie Open title confirmed I made the right decision."

"Miracles happen with technology and the Donnay racquet line was developed two years ago to cure the tennis elbow plague that has claimed half a billion injuries to tennis players over the past three decades," said Jerry Choe, Donnay President. "Their multi-solid-core frames and patent-pending XēneCore™ technology answers the safety deficiencies of hollow rackets that have dominated the tennis industry for three decades."

"Conventional hollow racquets are air-injected tubes that cause shock and vibration on ball contact to go right up into the arm," Choe added. "Hollow racquets have always been dangerous and unsafe. It’s time the public learned about the damage that racquet shock can do."

About half of all recreational tennis players will be stricken with tennis elbow at some point in their playing life, according to the International Tennis Federation.

"We’re overjoyed for Bethanie’s success and she can be a great a Donnay brand ambassador," added Bobby Choe, CEO of the New York-based international brand.

Mattek-Sands is known for her dramatic flair in her choice of on-court apparel that’s earned her the nickname of "the Lady Gaga of Tennis," and her gutsy coming-through-in-the-clutch play. She made history in the semifinal round of the 2010 Fed Cup against Russia where she became the first woman to win consecutive live matches in a Fed Cup tie and move team USA to the final.

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