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  Delivering "Arm Safe Performance" to recreational and tour players is what defines Donnay and separates us from our competition. It’s our unique solid-core technology that results in each Donnay frame snuffing out arm-harmful shock and vibration without compromising performance qualities – power, control, stability and maneuverability – that today’s players demand. One Donnay enthusiast refers to his racquet as “The Velvet Hammer.”

Donnay’s line of solid-core racquets return more energy to the ball and better absorb shock in the hoop for a rare combination of power, control and arm safe comfort. The result is more winners and fewer arm injuries.

“Arm Safe Performance” is not a mere marketing slogan; it was the engineering mantra that drove Chief Designer Jerry Choe, himself a tennis-elbow sufferer, to come up with a solution that was afflicting millions of tennis players each year and, in some cases, forcing them to “retire” from the game they love.

“It is well known in medical circles that the shock and vibration generated by repeatedly striking tennis balls with conventional racquets adversely affects muscle tissue and arm joints in the wrists, forearms, elbows and shoulders,” says Dr. Anders Cohen, chief of neurosurgery at the Brooklyn Hospital Center and sports-medicine expert. “Most medical theories attribute tennis elbow, which will afflict every other tennis player at some point in his/her playing lifetime, to continuous exposure of the playing arm to this ‘impact shock.’”

There has been a dramatic increase of tennis arm injuries over the past 10 years as the modern game has evolved into long bashing rallies from the baseline that taxes muscles, joints and tendons.

To make matters worse, most conventional modern racquets are designed with hollow frames to reduce weight and made stiff in an effort to maximize the energy returned to the ball and create more power which results in the racquet transmitting even larger amounts of shock and vibration to the players’ arms.

Donnay’s engineering solution was to fill its frames with a patent-pending solid-core inner tubing it calls “XēneCore™” that acts as a super dampening agent and shock absorber, just as a solid wood baseball bat absorbs far more impact shock than the bone-chattering hollow aluminum kind.

XēneCore™ begins as a light power in its natural state and is then baked into the racquet mold and rises like cookie dough. This not only keeps the racquet weights light and maneuverable, but it also has an extremely high-tensile strength that makes the frame highly stable and durable and, in fact, allows Donnay racquet beams to be as thin as an incredible 15 millimeters in the X-P Dual line, making them the most aerodynamic and maneuverable racquets in the game.

These solid-core frames also minimize energy loss on ball contact, providing the user with an extra boost of power, along with pinpoint control and rock-like stability against the forces of twisting and torque.

Of course, the real test – and the only one that counts – is picking up a Donnay and playing with it. You’ll immediately notice an audible difference in the first swing as the ball comes off the lively racquet face with a reassuring and resonant solid-to-the-core “thunk!” instead the annoying ping of hollow racquets. You’ll also notice the plush luxury-car-like comfort and the total lack of impact shock as you’re able to direct your shot with ease to its intended target on your opponent’s court.

We’re so confident that you’ll appreciate the Donnay difference that we’re offering a three-week trial demo period – the longest in tennis – and a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee on our shop at

Your test drive is waiting.


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