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Home : Donnay's Demo Program


Here at Donnay, we offer the first tennis manufacturer demo program for anyone across the United States. You can easily demo up to 3 of our racquets and keep them for up 3 weeks because we are confident that you will love them. That’s the longest “test drive” in the business.

Donnay ’s X-Dual Silver, Gold and Platinum models, the X-P Dual and X-P Dual Lite frames, and our recently introduced the Pro One and Formula racquet lines all have Donnay’s patent-pending and high-tensile-strength XēneCore™.

Each of our frames has multiple layers of XēneCore™ tubing on the inside of the hoop that further fortifies the frame and eliminates the loss of energy on ball contact. Since more energy is retained on the strings it provides an additional boost of power, comfort, control and stability.

What is the cost to demo Donnay racquets?
You have the ability to demo up to 3 of our racquets for shipping charges only.  The shipping costs that you will incur is $14.95 for the pre-paid return shipping label + outbound shipping method chosen to ship to you, either $14.95 for standard shipping or $34.95 for expedited shipping.

Example 1: Demo 1 Racquet for $14.95 + $14.95 Standard Shipping = $29.90
Example 2: Demo 2 Racquets for $14.95 + $34.95 Expedited Shipping = $49.90
Example 3: Demo 3 Racquets for $14.95 + $14.95 Standard Shipping = $29.90

How long before I receive my racquet?
If you chose our standard shipping, the racquet(s) will take 3-5 days + handling time to reach you. If you chose our expedited shipping, the racquet(s) will take 1-2 days + handling time to reach you.  Our normal handling time is 48 hours.

Note: Because our demos may need servicing prior to being shipped out, we can not guarantee to ship out your racquet(s) in the same time frame as new product purchases. However, we strive to get the racquet(s) shipped within 48 hours from purchase date.

How long can I keep the racquet?
We offer a 3-week demo period on all of our racquet(s). This means that you get to keep the racquet for a full 3 weeks.  If you receive the racquet(s) on Monday, you must ship the racquet back the Monday that is 3 weeks from the original Monday.

How do I return my racquet(s) back to Donnay?
In every demo package, we will provide you with a pre-paid return label that you can adhere to the original packaging.  You can then drop off the package to any staffed station or give it to any shipping driver.

Note: You must return the racquet(s) using the pre-paid return label to guarantee insurance, tracking and proper return of the racquet(s). You will be responsible for providing other tracking information if returned using another shipping method.

What if I don't return my racquet(s) after my 3-week demo period?
If we do not receive receipt that your package was shipped back to us after your 3-week demo period, our staff will automatically charge your credit card for the full retail price, less the original $14.95 return shipping label ($229.95 - $14.95 = $215.00).

How do I begin demoing Donnay racquet(s)?
Under the Categories section of the navigation bar to the left of this page you will see a category called "Demo Program."  Click on that link or click here and you can then choose to demo 1, 2 or 3 racquets.  You will then be able to choose any of our racquet(s) to demo and give us two separate grip sizes. (We ask for two grip sizes to get the exact or closest grip size possible)

Donnay Demo Program is only available in the 48 Continental US States.  Any demo orders that are international or outside the continental US will be canceled.

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