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Home : Referral Program Rules


What You Get

Both you and your friend who participate in the program will each receive a cash rebate worth 10% of your referral's total purchase.

What Is Your Referral Link

Your referral link is the following address: http://www.donnayusa.com/shop/?refer=#email#, where #email# is replaced by your current email address.


All accounts are eligible for the Tell-A-Friend Referral Program with the exception of pro, dealer or sponsor accounts. There is no minimum or maximum purchase your referral needs to make. The purchase also cannot be combined with the ProRate ID discount that is available on our shop. If the purchase is eligible, you and your referral will receive an email from DonnayUSA stating your eligibility.

Promotion Rules

The Tell-A-Friend Referral Program is designed to introduce new customers to DonnayUSA. The referral customer as well as the referrer will receive a cash rebate worth 10% of the referral's total purchase.  You must have an active PayPal account to receive this rebate as in 60 days the rebate will automatically be paid to the email addresses that were used as the referrer and that of the referral. DonnayUSA may, at its sole discretion, change the award to something of approximately the same value. Rebates will NOT be paid out on orders that refer themselves or orders that have been canceled and/or returned.

If DonnayUSA determines that a customer has not complied with these rules, it may immediately and without notice to the customer withdraw all benefits including those to his/her friends (without limitation, canceling or declining the cash rebate, any and all awards or promotions issued or to be issued to the customer and to any of his or her friends in connection to the Tell-A-Friend Referral Program and, by declining to send or stopping from being sent, any Tell-A-Friend Referral Program emails).

Personal Information

DonnayUSA takes every precaution to keep our customers’ personal information and the personal information of their friends and family private. We do not sell, rent or give away personal information our clients provide in the Tell-A-Friend Referral Program to any outside third-party except as required to run this program. Please read our Term Of Use for further information.

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