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Weight & Balance Information
  Donnay now offers the only self-customizable weight and balance system.

Lighter racquets are more maneuverable and permit a much faster swing, but require more effort to generate pace. Heavier racquets, on the other hand, provide more power for less effort, but with reduced control. Head-heavy racquets provide more power on serves and ground strokes, while head-light racquets provide more control and easier volleying. Due to the tensile strength of XēneCore™, a lighter X-Series™ racquet will provide as much stability as a heavier graphite racquet.

Standard racquets are 27 inches or ~686mm, so the midpoint is ~343mm from the bottom of the racquet. A 320mm balance means that the racquet balances 320mm from the bottom of the racquet, or 23mm from the midpoint making it headlight by 23mm or ~7/8 of an inch or 7 points headlight. A point is an eighth of an inch. Adding a +10g weight to the bottom of the racquet will change the balance -~10mm, making it 10mm head lighter. Adding a Top Slide will add ~2g to the weight of the racquet and add +~2mm to the balance making it +~2mm and head heavier. Adding a +10g weight to the bottom and +2g Top Slide will add +~12 grams to the racquet but will change the balance by -~8mm and head lighter (-~10mm+~2mm=-~8mm) X-Series™ racquets now eliminate the guesswork and imprecision involved with weighting and balancing multiple racquets using lead tape. By inserting slides and butt weights, these racquets can easily be made equal balance and weight.

RA64 is more flexible than a racquet with RA70. Stiffer racquets will deliver more power whereas flexible racquets more feel and control. Flexible frames have greater shock absorption properties to improve control, stiffer frames provide more power by keeping the head rigid and truer to the incoming ball but normally cause more shock to the arm. XēneCore™ offers more shock absorption while providing more feel than graphite racquets, this is due to the tensile strength of XēneCore™. XēneCore™ racquets will also last longer than graphite racquets.

Larger head size racquets allow more power and provide a larger sweet spot than smaller ones, but with less control. X-Series™ is currently offered in 94 for the control player and 99 for the power player.

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