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Dual-Core A 'Dual' Hit with Both Critics and Online Chatters

NEW YORK, May 24, 2011 — Men’s Journal magazine, a top-selling men’s lifestyle and fitness publication known for its annual “best” lists -- from the world’s greatest beers to the best places to live -- led off its “Best New Tennis Rackets” gear section in the June, 2011 issue with the Donnay X-Dual Gold. The magazine devoted a full page to its review of the X-Dual, while relegating its five other best picks to share two ensuing pages.

"The frame cuts through the air like a Ferrari," wrote Rick Leach, Men’s Journal’s racquet expert who pointed out the X-Dual’s thinnest-in-tennis frame has an "aerodynamic advantage over wide-body racquets." Leach knows his stuff – he won nine Grand Slam doubles during his pro career that ran from 1987-2005. Leach also predicted that wide-bodies will be giving way to "lighter, thinner frames" which just happen to be the characteristic of all Donnay frames -- the two new Dual Core series, the X-Dual and X-P Dual models – and Donnay’s original X-Series racquets that were launched last year.

The magazine also praised the X-Dual for its topspin generation, better volleying, and said its best suited for “the player who likes to work the angles.”

Meanwhile, in its review of the X-Dual Gold, praised the racquet for comfort and control. "There was little vibration even when playing without a dampener, and play testers praised the frame’s feedback," wrote Gear Editor Richard Pagliaro and Racquet Advisor Bruce Levine. also noted that the X-Dual Gold produces "plenty of spin from all areas of the court," and praised its touch around the net.

And has already reviewed all six X-Dual models, bestowing rave notices on all.

TW play testers found the X-Dual Platinum 94 to be “an aggressive blend of power and control,” while it cited the X-Dual Platinum 99 for its “maximum stability, plow through and controllable power in a midplus offering.”

TW called the X-Dual Gold 99 “a perfect choice for the intermediate through advanced level player seeking just enough help to add pace and court penetration to shots without sacrificing the precision necessary to compete at the highest level.” The X-Dual Gold 94 was cited for its agility and touch at net where “the racquet provides the rare combination of maneuverability, stability and a crisp feel.”

TW applauded the X-Dual Silver 99 for providing the player with “enough mass for heavy hitting, yet never feels unwieldy,” and called the X-Dual Silver 99 Lite “a great option for smaller framed adults as well as older juniors with accomplished technique.” The Silver’s Lite’s powerful response and stability” were also noted, the latter it said was surprising, considering the racquet’s light strung weight.

The X-Dual racquets are also lighting up the chat boards.

"I've seen the light! I tried and switched to the Gold 99," wrote a former Babolat user on "It’s a great-playing racquet; it has such a great feel and control. I feel like I can place the ball perfectly."

Wrote chatter on "I've hit with all the new frames and I’m using the Platinum 99, which has replaced my [Babolat] Pure Drive. I almost bought a [Head] YouTek Radical, but this Dual Core just blew it away."

A contributor to a added this about the X-Dual Platinum: "It seems like you always hit the sweet spot but have the control of a small frame. I think Donnay is really on to something with this dual core stuff...I actually will go as far as to say its revolutionary." Another Platinum fan noted, "It hits like a [Head] Prestige on steroids and serves up plenty big." Another hailed the Platinum as "simply the best stick I have ever hit with," while still another compared it to the legendary Wilson Pro Staff, saying, "If the Pro Staff were a Dual Core you would hit the sweet spot every time and your strokes would not have to be perfect."

An X-Dual Silver fan on the chat board said this: "I didn't really believe it when some of you said that the sweet spot is huge on these. IT IS. No harshness on shanks at all and the frame was quite stable as well." Another wrote: "This thing just feels better and better each time." Still another X-Dual enthusiast, this time the Silver Lite had this to say: "I just had a buddy win his league match with the Silver Lite, and he served very consistently (and very flat). His quote, 'best racket I ever played with, this racket's amazing.' The Silver Lite has more spin than any racquet I have ever played with in my life."

Others have noted the comforting solid and muted "thud" on ball contact, while some gave it high marks for stability. Wrote one chatter: "I do feel like it's a more stable frame and they achieved it without really messing up the flexibility."

One summed it all up: "I don't know what XēneCore™ is, but it works. No vibrations and a super thin beam with serious power. With Dual Core, you get more power but lose absolutely nothing in control."

We at Donnay are delighted by the critical and consumer response to the X-Dual line and we’re confident the just-released X-P Duals will also be received with similar enthusiasm.

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Donnay USA Ltd. ( is the licensee for the Donnay brand in North America and parts of Asia. With the X-Series™ racquets, the Donnay brand is being re-launched in the US market. Headquartered in NYC, the company’s main line of business is the design, manufacture, and distribution of premium tennis racquets.

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