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The Widebody Donnay Formula: Power Without Pain

NEW YORK, December 19, 2011 - The new Donnay Formula is an unprecedented combination of rocket-launching power and sublime comfort, thanks to solid-core filled XēneCore™ technology fused into its wide tapered beam.

The result is maximum clout without the bone-jarring racquet shock of conventional hollow thick-beam racquets, according to the brand.

The Formula was inspired by the Donnay Formula Pro, the 1990s widebody version of the original Donnay Pro One and it’s the re-launched Donnay brand’s first foray into the widebody racquet market. “The Formula fills a niche for players who want ultimate power in a widebody beam,” said Jerry Choe, president and chief technology officer of the brand that up to now has been known for its thin-beamed frames” (some as thin as 15 millimeters). “And the Formula has unprecedented control for a widebody.”

At 27 millimeters wide at its shoulders, the new Formula is actually broader than the original Formula Pro, yet it’s significantly lighter in stationary and swing weight to give players faster swings with less effort.

The Formula provides touch, feel and comfort that previously haven’t been possible in conventional stiff and hollow widebody frames. It helps players, even those with short punchy swings, launch the ball deeper and with more pace into their opponents’ courts.

“The challenge from the design standpoint was to create more power for players who need it but avoid the baggage – the shock to the arm -- that comes with conventional hollow widebodies,” said Choe.

The Formula’s rare mix of power and comfort comes from XēneCore™ tubing throughout the frame that launches the ball but softens the blow like a catcher’s mitt, absorbing the shock during the collision of the ball against the stringbed.

The solid-core construction also allowed designers to give the Formula a head-light balance for better control, stability and maneuverability. Almost all other widebodies have cumbersome head-heavy balances that enhance power but do so largely at the expense of pinpoint control that all players want in their racquets.

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About Donnay USA Ltd.
Donnay USA Ltd. ( together with Donnay International S.A. designs, manufactures, and distributes premium tennis equipment, apparel, and accessories under the Donnay brand. The technologically advanced and innovative new X-Series, X-P Dual and X-Dual racquets developed using XēneCore™ Technology represent the return of Donnay to the U.S. market. Headquartered in New York City, the company’s products can be found online at its website as well as in tennis specialty shops.

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