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Tennis Safety Survey Says...All Pain, No Gain

NEW YORK, October 25, 2012 — Twenty-three out of 32 recreational players we spoke with at the recent New Haven, CT tournament told us they either are currently suffering with arm pain or have had a bout of tennis elbow or shoulder pain in the last five years. That’s a staggering 72 percent!

Our survey purpose was to get an idea of how extensive arm injuries are among recreational players in this era of hollow-racquet dominated and ‘wham-bam’ baseline tennis.

We asked the recreational players we spoke with (1) how many times they played a month (the average was 8), what racquet they used (most used a Babolat model, followed by Wilson and Head), and their level (the majority were intermediate players with an NTRP of between 3.0-4.0). Most were over 40-years-old and had played in some kind of organized league such as the National USTA Leagues.

The players we spoke with were also “deeply concerned” about a recurrence and said they would “highly consider” a tennis racquet that was easy on their arms and had minimal shock & vibration as their next purchase. As one male senior put it: “If my arm hurts, I’m not playing. Period.”

But, most said they wouldn’t buy a racquet just because they considered it to be healthy for their arms. They also needed to be told that the racquet would “perform” as well. Even though Donnay puts tennis safety first, players still want to know that their racquet will provide power, control, stability, and maneuverability too!

Bottom Line: Keeping your arm healthy and taking your game to the next level are of equal importance. And that’s what Donnay Arm Safe Performance is all about!

Learn more about tennis safety at You can also stay up-to-date with arm-safe racquet news and tennis health information by following the Donnay Safety Blog at

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